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Harmony in Motion, Brandt Audio Devices Delivers Unparalleled Sound and Vibration Isolation Solutions.

From Precision Analysis to Tailored Mounting Solutions – Elevate Your Experience with Our Expertise in Vibration Control and AMC Mecanocaucho’s Legacy of Excellence Since 1969.


AMC Mecanocaucho for Unrivaled Vibration Control.

🌐 Legacy and Expertise:

With a distinguished legacy dating back to 1969, AMC Mecanocaucho brings 50 years of unmatched experience to the realm of vibration control.

🛠️ Comprehensive Product Range:

From anti-vibration mountings to specialized solutions like Cylindrical Bobbins and Marine Engine Mounts, our extensive product lineup meets the most demanding requirements.

🌟 Commitment to Excellence:

Beyond products, we provide a suite of services, including free anti-vibration calculations, on-site surveys for precision, and a dedication to customer satisfaction reflected in our full product testing.

✈️ Global Assurance:

Certified and accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and Marine Type Approvals, AMC Mecanocaucho assures quality craftsmanship and innovation. Enjoy worldwide shipping with next-day delivery options.

AMC Mecanocaucho's Impact in Over 20 Countries:​

Top 8 Vibration Control Solutions:​