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Acoustic Treatment for
Premium Acoustic Spaces.

Customizable Treatment

Please contact us to help you achieve the best Isolation & Acoustic Treatment for your specific space. We need the exact measurements of the space and an easily performed “acoustic reading” to understand how the sounds work in your space. From there, we can calculate the exact acoustic treatment products to be implemented from our modular system.

Brandt Audio Devices produces handmade high-end accoustic tratment since 1989. Originally from Nashville, we are now based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

All products are designed by John Brandt, an acoustic designer who has designed and built more than 800 private and professional recording studios, home theatres, Dolby Atmos rooms, and critical listening spaces worldwide.

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In our Product Showroom and real Recording Studio, you can hear for yourself our treatment elements in action, and test out the studio equipment we distribute; for example the beautifully handcrafted Soyuz microphones, Pride Subwoofers, AMC isolation products, and Brandt Audio Devices Doors, Windows, and Acoustic Treatment.

Brandt Audio Devices Studio & Product Showroom

& Isolation

All the specialist products you need to soundproof your studio, from AMC vibration mounts to B.A.D. doors & windows.

Custom Acoustic

Handmade acoustic Brand Audio Devices treatment for professional music studios & other commercial acoustic spaces

Studio Furniture
& Equipment

We are distributers of custom made B:A.D Studio desks, handmade Soyuz microphones and other brands you will love.