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We provide support for all your sound and vibration isolation needs. Our team can provide custom plans for building acoustically isolated rooms and equipment isolation in any environment. Please contact us for more details.

AMC Vibration Isolation Products

Aplicaciones Mecánicas del Caucho (AMC) is a company that designs and produces anti-vibration mounts as well as noise insulation composites for industrial and building sectors.

Our noise and vibration solutions combine, Rubber, metal, springs, Sylomer® among other materials and we have been on the market since 1969.

Industrial machinery by virtue of its design is comprised of reciprocating and rotating elements. The work carried out by these elements typically introduces unavoidable vibrations, particularly when there is an imbalance of any moving parts. A reduction in the machine’s useful life can be found through accelerated part wear along with the transmission of this vibration to other surrounding structures. Our anti-vibration mounts provide solutions to problems of noise and vibration transmission, protecting people and the environment from harmful effects. View this Product

Acoustic hangers are elastic elements used mostly for ceiling suspension in order to achieve vibration and noise insulation. There is a wide range of acoustic hangers, that can be used not only for V ceiling suspension but also for machinery vibration isolation like air conditions units ventilators, pipe suspension, etc.

The elastic suspension of different elements in ceilings avoids the propagation of vibration and structural born noise from one floor to the other.

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Akustik+Sylomer® product range of acoustic hangers.

Acoustic suspended ceilings are an excellent way of preventing airborne noise from below passing into the ceiling structure or preventing noise/vibration from the floor above entering the room below.

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Spring mounts are necessary to isolate all machinery that by virtue of its design has reciprocating or rotating parts. These parts create vibration through the imbalance of the moving parts.

This vibration produced by a machine leads to different problems, such as a reduction in the machine’s useful life through part wear, plus the transmission of this vibration to other non-insulated adjacent structures, giving rise to problems of noise and vibration transmission. Therefore, it is important to install spring mounts for the machinery isolation.

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Acoustic Windows & Doors

Brandt Audio Devices uses the latest in natural wood and glass products. All glass in our doors and windows is laminated and/or tempered. The door hinges and locking mechanisms are tested. STC specifications will be published in November 2022 after testing is done at NWAA Labs in Elma, Washington, USA. Our doors have field-replaceable seals and the automatic door bottoms are Zero International.

All of our doors are standard 36″ or 90 cm by 80″ or 200 cm. 701 is solid with fine Meranti (Indonesian Mahogany) cladding. 702 is the same as the 701 but with a central window of thick laminated glass (per order specifications). These are custom-made and can be made in any size. Please call us for more details. View this Product Brandt Audio Devices

Featuring a heavy-duty solid Meranti frame of 1 1/4″ thick (32 mm), thick laminated or tempered glass (per order specification), straight or tilted. Our windows are hand-made to order and include all internal seals and are ready to install. Call us for more details.

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All the specialist products you need to soundproof your studio, from AMC vibration mounts to B.A.D. doors & windows.

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